Hughes Family History
The   surname   Rutherford,   also   Rutherfurd,   is   a   Scottish   and Northern   English   habitational   surname   deriving   from   a   place in   the   Scottish   borders   region   near   Roxburgh   According   to   one theory,   the   name   can   be   traced   back   to   the   West   Flemish   name Ruddervoorde,   a   community   now   part   of   Oostkamp.   Another theory   of   the   origin   of   the   name   states   that   a   man   by   the   name Ruther   carried   an   ancient   king   of   Scots   over   the   River   Tweed. Eventually,   a   descendant   of   the   king   gave   land   to   the   family that   carried   his   forefather   over   the   river   and   when   surnames were adopted, Rutherford came into being. The   motto   of   the   Rutherfords   of   one   of   the   clans   is   Nec   sorte nec fato, represented as "Nor by fate nor by chance The earliest records of my family my Great great great Grandfather William Rutherford. William was born in 1781 and died in 1847.  We believe he lived and farmed in the Townland of Ouley which is near Carryduff town CoDown. His wife Jane was born 1794 and died in 1849. The record of William and Jane s is seen on this headstone found in Saintfield Parish Church graveyard. (See image). The inscription reads: Erected By Robert Rutherford In Memory of his Father William, Who Died 4th July 1847 Aged 66 Years Also His Mother Jane Who Died 12th April 1849 Aged 55 Years Also his Daughter Rebecca, Who Died 17th June 1871 Aged 2 Years Also His Sister Sarah Who Died 28th October 1873 Aged 48 Years Also His Wife Mary, Who Died 22nd January 1903. Aged 72 Years Also the Above Named Robert Rutherford Who Died 24th June 1904 Aged 82 Years We know of two children to the union of William and Jane.                       Robert Rutherford  1822 to 1904. Robert is responsible for the Headstone  and his death at Oughley on 25.6.1904 is recorded by his daughter Mary. He appears in the 1901 Census of Ireland. Robert also records in this Last Will and testament  leaving his estate to his daughter Mary. Sarah Rutherford his sister also recorded on the headstone was born 1825 and died 26.10.1873 Robert Rutherford 1822-1904 marries Mary McKeown 13.  8. 1852. There are four children recorded to this union. PRONI Valuation Revision Books show Robert Rutherford Farming a 5 acre farm in the Townland of Ouley Map Reference 17 close to Carryduff CoDown from around 1889 through to 1913. Why Mary inherits this small farm is unusual given she was the youngest sibbling.  However there may have been Rutherford's earlier in my family line as a freeholder record from 1783 testifies to a John Rutherford living in the Townland of Oughly Freeholders were men who either owned their land outright or who held it in a lease for the duration of their life, or the lives of other people named in the lease. The Freeholders' Records application includes pre-1840 Freeholders' Registers and Poll Books.