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Hughes Family History

Annie Lucinda Milliken 1928-2017

Annie was born on the 21 January 1928 at Fortfield Cottages Greenisland to John Milliken and Margaret Jane Milliken nee Gilpin. While her father moved from house to house following work, Lucy was able to attend Eden Primary School with her Sister Ruth from 30.10 34 - 30.6.37.

John Norman Hughes 1920-2003

Norman was born on the 20 February 1920 at 72 James St Shankill

Road Belfast. He attended Argyle St Infants School. John Served in the

Home Guard from 1 July 1940 till 31 December 1944. He then joined

the Royal Irish Fusiliers Army number 14459909 on 13 February 1945.

John met and married Annie Lucinda Milliken  on the 21 March 1949 

in West (Argyle Street) Presbyterian Church Belfast. They had two

sons and one daughter.