Hughes Family History

David Hughes 1949-

It is too soon to place my storey on these pages. They will however be committed to paper or digitised and at the appropriate time be made available.  Yvonne and I are first and foremost Baby Boomer’s, born following the close of the Second World War and a time of reconstruction for much of Europe and the World. We lived through the period of the Cold War when there was a state of political tension between the Western Bloc (USA) and the Eastern Bloc (The Soviet Union). We also became Children of the Troubles both of us 19 years old in 1969 when Northern Ireland became a place of conflict and division. There are many stories to be told of life in and around Belfast at this time.

Yvonne Rutherford 1949-

Yvonne was born to William and Mary Rutherford in 1949. Her early years in Newtownards and then on to live just off the Ormeau Road Belfast at Pevril Street, moving on to Belvior Housing Estate towards the close of the 1960’s. Married to David in 1971 and now living in Bangor Co Down. Aside from the Rutherford family tree going back to 1781, Yvonne has also traced her family on her mothers side the Burden’s from Annalong in County Down.