Hughes Family History

Olive and Doris Hughes 1912 and 1914

Olive Isabel Hughes and Doris Muriel Hughes are both interred in the Belfast City Cemetery this photograph showing the area as the grave was unmarked. Olive born 8 September 1912 passed away 10 months later on the 27 August 1913 with the cause of death listed as Lymphatic Enteritis. Charles and Letitia living at 135 Sylvio St Belfast at the time. Doris born on the 22 August 1914 passed away 12 days later on the 3 September 1914 with cause of death listed as Gastro Intestinal Catarrh 7 days, Asthenia 7 days. Letitia and Charles gave residence as 17 Jaffa Street Belfast This being the family home of Charles parents.

Victor Thomas Hughes 1915-2006

Victor Thomas the twin brother of Charles had the time of his birth recorded as 10.30pm. Again Victor spent his early childhood in and around the Shankill Road. Victor like most of his siblings attended Argyle Place National School situated behind Argyle Place Presbyterian Church now renamed West Church. Victor married Olive May Cox and together had 5 children. Victor and Olive lived in Spalding England the area being known as Little Holland.
Olive Isabel  08.09.1912 Doris Muriel 22.08.1914 Charles William 29.05.1915 Victor Thomas  29.05.1915 John Norman 20.02.1920 Dorothy Isabel 23.12.1922 Caroline 15.08.1923 Letitia 24.01.1925 Susan Beatrice 05.12.1927 Joseph 1929 Lillian Adrain 02.08.1933
My Grand Parents Children
Charles William was born on the 29 May 1915. Charlie was one off twins and the recorded time of his birth was 10.15pm with the place of birth being 44 Linwood St Belfast. Charlie spent his formative days in and around the Shankill Road Belfast with the family primarily living at James Street just off the main Shankill Road. On the 13 November 1940 Charles married Frances Clare Hand at St Patrick’s Roman Catholic Church Belfast. Charlie aged 25 and a corporal in the Royal Ulster Rifles and Frances a Factory Layer in one of the nearby mills. Both gave their residence as 37 Lincon Avenue Belfast. They subsequently moved to the Birmingham area of England. They had seven children.

Charles William Hughes 1915-1983

John Norman was born on the 24 February 1920 at 72 James Street Belfast. Norman also attended Argyle Place National School. Norman married Annie Lucinda Milliken on the 21 March 1949 at Argyle Place Presbyterian Church. John aged 29  a Tram Driver and living at 72 James St Belfast and Lucy 21 a spinster living in the Gate Lodge Colinmore Dunmurray. Witnesses to this marriage were Samuel Allen a long time friend of Norman, and Ruth Jane Milliken Lucy’s sister. They had 3 children and lived at Berwick Road, North Belfast.

John Norman Hughes 1920-2003

Dorothy Isabel Hughes 1922-1979 Dorothy was born on the 23 December 1922 at 72 James Street Belfast. Dorothy like her Brothers attended Argyle Place Infants school. She entered school on the 14 February 1927 at age 5 through to 30 June 1932. Dorothy met and married James Craig. They had seven children and lived in Argyle Street off the Shankill Road.
Caroline Hughes 1923-2015 Caroline (on the left) was born on the 15 August 1923 at 72 James Street Belfast. Carrie started Argyle Place Infants Primary School on the 13 August 1929 and finishing there on the 30 June 1933. Carrie met and married James Kearns and together they had 3 daughters and one son. Carrie passed away in 2015.
Letitia Hughes 1925-2013 Letitia was born on the 24 January 1925 at 72 James Street Belfast.  Letitia met and married Bob Kidd and together had two sons and one daughter. Letitia attended Glenwood Primary School Upper Riga Street. Letitia passed away in 2013.
Susan Beatrice  Hughes 1927-2021 Susan was born on the 5 December1927 at the Maternity Hospital Belfast.  Susan met and married Brian Thomas and together had two sons and one daughter. Susan attended Glenwood Primary School Upper Riga Street Belfast.
Lillian Adrain Hughes 1933- Lily was born on the 2 August 1933 at The Royal Maternity Hospital Belfast. Lilly met and married George Andrews and together had twins Scot and Laney and a daughter Gillan, Lilly attended Glenwood Primary School Upper Riga Street Belfast. Lily here in this photograph with her brother Norman.
Joseph Hughes 1929-1930 Joseph’s birth date is unknown other than the information recorded on his death certificate. Joseph passed away on the 23 February 1930 at Belfast City Hospital. The condition listed as Measles And Whooping Cough Broncho pneumonia.